Korean Beef Bulgogi

Korean cuisine is spicy, fragrant and very flavorful. Love the flavor of the cute little side dishes that are served in Korean cuisine as well. I fell in love with Korean food when I went to an amazing restaurant in
NYC years back. Had a variety of dishes but a couple of dishes stayed in my mind-1. Beef Bulgogi and 2. Bibimbap. I tried my hand at making these dishes and came out very good. Traditional way of cooking Beef bulgogi is by marinating thin slices of beef and then cooking on an open flame. Recently I made Beef Bulgogi using ground beef and I have to say my family loved it. The recipe is from my friend Dr. Karen Lee who is a retired chiropractor as well as a foodie. Her recipe includes Blackstrap Molasses which I adore along with diced onions and carrots. Her recipe is included in Karen’s latest cookbook https://www.drkarenslee.com/no-thaw-paleo-instant-pot-cookbook/
Check her out with delicious Korean delicacies as well.

Korean Ground Beef Bulgogi

I have to say I don’t eat meat. When I cook meat, I only taste it at the very end to check the spices, but I cook everything for my family. As I was looking into Karen’s recipe, I could see that it was a very simple, easy to follow and a quick recipe to make. Her directions are very straightforward too. As I was making the sauce, I could get the smell of ginger and garlic with the soy sauce and honey and to top it off the molasses. Loved it. The smell of it all combined was heavenly! I put 60% of the sauce in the ground meat to marinate in the fridge. The rest of the sauce went to the carrots and the onions. As I was cooking the beef along with the carrots and onions, I could see that the onions became so soft that it became a part of the ground beef. All in all, this is a great recipe and its extremely flavorful. Thank you Karen!

Link to her cookbook- “No Thaw Paleo Cooking in your Instantpot”

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