Masala Cranberry & Mango Sauce

Cranberry sauce made with Indian spices is my way of creating a unique cranberry sauce. Mangoes are in abundance in Kerala. During the mango season, its hard to choose a mango since there’s quite a few varieties to choose from. Hence I thought to combine mangoes into this recipe.The star anise and the cardamom gives…

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Traditional Stuffing with Spiced Paneer

Stuffing at a thanksgiving table is a must. Here’s my creation – a stuffing recipe with spiced paneer(Indian cheese). The breadcrumbs are mixed with very flavorful vegetable broth along with spiced paneer, onions and celery. The soft bread and paneer along with crunchy celery is a party in the mouth. Traditional Stuffing with spiced Paneer…

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Vegetable Meatballs with Pumpkin

This is meatballs with an exception of meat. Instead of meat, I have used pumpkin and potatoes. In Kerala, as an evening snack, vegetable patties(or vegetable cutlet) like these are made for tea. This curry is made similar to the vegetable cutlets. These are pumpkin and potatoes sauteed with shallots and flavorful spices and made…

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