My Desserts

Chocolate Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a dessert from Western India and is a lowfat cheesecake made with flavored hung yogurt. I have combined chocolate and yogurt to make this dessert. The creaminess from the yogurt and the flavorful chocolate goes very well together. I usually top it off with toasted pistachios for the crunch. Chocolate Shrikhand Ingredients:- Chocolate…

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Unniappam-Sweet banana pancakes

Unniappam is a traditional sweet of Kerala and made during any festive occasion. Its a combination of rice with banana and spices and its completely gluten free as well. An ebelskiver pan could be used to prepare this dish but batter can also be poured into pancake pans as well. Its a very flavorful dessert…

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Beet Halwa

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Halwa is one of my favorites since my childhood days. I’ve always had halwas made out of fruits and wanted to try something unique and I came up with a halwa using a vegetable-Beets! This is Beet halwa made with roasted semolina and milk powder and garnished with roasted pistachios and a dust of powdered…

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