Breakfasts in Kerala

Kappa Mutta–Scrambled eggs with spiced yuca

Kappamutta is the malayalam name of this dish. Malayalam is the language of Kerala. ‘Kappa’ means Yuca and ‘Mutta’ means egg. Hence this dish is Scrambled eggs with spiced Yuca. It’s a traditional dish that you’ll find in the roadside eateries in Kerala. I love the different textures in this dish. The soft scrambled eggs…

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Orotti-Spiced Rice fritters

Orotti is one of the traditional breakfast items in Kerala usually had along with Masala Chaya(Masala Tea) infused with spiced milk. These are spiced rice fritters along with fresh grated coconut and spices and fried to perfection. It has a very crispy exterior and a very soft interior which melts in your mouth. Ingredients:- Rice(…

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