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“When we decided to sign for the cooking class with Rajni we did not know what to expect except that we wanted to learn authentic Indian cuisine. Rajni came and brought with her whole new world of aromas and scents of various spices and incredibly positive energy that transformed our little suburban kitchen into Indian dining palace. Rajni introduced us to all spices in her spice box and answered all our questions that we prepared for her. For example, I always wondered about the sequence of seeds that go to the frying pan and how long they should be fried. We got all questions answered and the most exciting part - cooking started! What can we say? It was great memorable experience that ignited our desire to cook and learn more about Indian cuisine. Rajni is excellent teacher and we can highly recommend her to anybody who is interested in Indian cooking.”
Yuri and Svetlana

Rajni’s masala dosa is crispy, thin, and very tasty. I love her sambar as well; it is just spicy enough to have a kick but not too strong where it overpowers your palette. I joined her cooking class and can attest that even if you can’t cook, you can definitely learn from Rajni. If you are interested in Indian spices or learning to cook, I highly recommend Rajni’s cooking classes.



Rajni is a talented & accomplished chef specializing in cuisine from her native state of Kerala, India. As a student of Rajni’s in several of her cooking classes, I can say that Rajni’s cooking classes are always well organized, relaxed & tons of fun! Her recipes are delicious, easy & authentic! And her warm and lively personality ensures that the class is always enjoyable! I definitely plan on taking more of Rajni’s cooking classes.



After eating the food that Rajni has cooked I must say that she is a culinary genius! Her creativity has encouraged me to taste new foods. She always uses natural fresh ingredients and incorporates a beautiful blend of spices and flavor to everything she whips up! Her food actually makes you feel good and opens you up to diverse cooking that is simply delicious. The presentation of her meals are also very beautiful! I always looks forward to tasting her culinary creations!



Rajni is an excellent cook. I think she is so good because she is totally passionate about what she does. Her food is delicious and full of flavor.



Rajni’s cooking classes are an culinary delight. Rajni generously shares her talent and passion for cooking. I felt transported to South India and treated like royalty consuming one amazingly well prepared dish after another. The whole experience felt more like a gift than just a cooking class. Thank you, Rajni.